Artist Development & Education

Diya Theatre is committed to developing the skill set & level of the artists we work with and those who are taking their first steps.
Youth Workshops/Classes

 ·         Schools/Youth/Education:
Who Killed Misery Tidings? (Drama) - It's up to the residents of Frogspawn Screamville to figure out who killed the witch and why. Facilitated games that organically create a murder mystery show.

·         The Face I Gave Me (Painting & Drama) - Painting your own mask and using it in performance to create a character.

·         You Are What You Wear (Drama) - Dropping all notions of gender, participants are given a selection of clothing items from which they create a character.

·         Isms & Bia's (Drama) - Participants are put into groups, pick a form of discrimination from a hat and then work towards creating a scene based on that.

·         Seeing Is Believing - (Digital Photography and Story Boarding Workshop). Participants are put into groups, where they must take 9-12 photos that tell a story. Then they print out the photos and create a Story Board.


General Workshops:

·         Bollywood Drama Classes - Drama games, scenes and performances based on movies from the Indian film industry. May involve basic bollywood dancing.

·         Classical Indian Kathak Classes/Bollywood Dance Classes - For all levels.

·         Classical Indian Singing Classes - Classical Indian Singing Classes to build a stronger vocal instrument. Please call Swapna Ji on 020 8686 5338.

·         Bespoke Workshops - Available to fulfil your objectives through creative/artistic means, all we need to know is what you want to achieve, then you can leave it to us to create something relevant and fun.

        Please contact us on 020 8123 2879 or message us on the Contact Us page.