Support Us


Diya Theatre is a not for profit organisation and our productions are subsidised by sponsor funds, funding from various arts bodies and money brought in from the corporate side of the organisation. However, we still need to raise £60,000 in funds per year to create our shows and to subsidise our artist training.
Please consider making a donation, becoming a regular contributor or becoming a corporate partner. To find out more, please contact us on: 
020 8123 2879 or Contact Us to find out more.
 We can tailor sponsorship packages in order to maximise the benefits of working with a culturally diverse arts organisation such as ours.

 This will give you direct access to the Asian demographic and allows you the opportunity to demonstrate a commitment to genuinely engage, understand and celebrate the diversity of our communities.

 * Access target customer groups
 * Connect your organisation with creativity and cultural diversity
 * Expand your brand awareness
 * Meet your Corporate Social Responsibility objectives
 * Entertain your clients and staff at exclusive cultural events
 * Enrich your client relationships

Sponsorship opportunities start at £2,500 + VAT

Corporate Partner membership starts at £5,000 + VAT p.a.

Please contact us on 020 8406 9545 or message us on the Contact Us page.